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    Stainless steel is a raw material common in many objects made into something usable.  This is because of its rust, stain and corrosion resistant properties that make it a popular choice for various manufacturers.  It is cheap and requires low maintenance making it an ideal material to produce just about anything.

    metapp steel applications 250x250 What Are the Applications for Stainless Steel? Steel Applications


    There are many applications for stainless steel from everyday ordinary small items to famous structures all over the world.  This is because there are actually 150 grades for stainless steel and fifteen are usually utilized.  Osaka Stainless company has a list of different alloys’ chemical makeup for reference.

    Alloy, which is a common type of stainless steel, is milled into sheets, coils, plates, tubing, bars and wires.  This is then created into household items such as cutlery, cookware, household appliances and other hardware found in residences.  The alloy is also made into industrial equipment such as in the sugar refineries and surgical instruments.  The aerospace and automotive industry also uses the structural alloy.  In fact, numerous industries choose this stainless steel type because of the antibacterial components from the food processing to construction material in building infrastructures.

    Among the notable structures made from stainless steel are the Gateway Arch in St. Louis and upper part of the Chrysler Building in New York.  Other tall buildings in the world with a stainless steel exterior are the Petronas Twin Towers and Jin Mao Building.  The Parliament House in Canberra, Australia displays a 220-ton stainless steel flagpole.  Edmonton Composting Facility is the largest Northern American stainless steel building.  Bridges in Spain made from this material are CalaGaldana Bridge, SantFruitos Pedestrian Bridge and Padre Arrupe Bridge.  Other than the Gateway Arch, stainless steel monuments in the US include the Unisphere, United States Air Force Memorial and the Cloud Gate.  Belgium is proud to have their Atomium in Brussels and Finland can also boast of the Sibelius Monument in Helsinki.


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    Stainless steel plates have a variety of thickness that requires different tools to cut it.  For the thin plates, simple power tools can be used while for those between ¼ to 1 ½ inch thick, high-end cutting tools are preferred.  Before starting to slice away on these plates, be sure to have a separate and stable workspace to do this. One should also work in an area far from combustible materials. This is because sparks can fly everywhere while cutting through the stainless steel plates.  With the space set up you can begin to cut the plates and here are the three different tools that can be utilized.

    17711 40329449905138986 e1353898440221 300x181 Options For Cutting Stainless Steel Plates A Steel-Cutting Laser


    The circular saw may be common for cutting wood but this tool can also be used for thin stainless steel plates.  With a metal cutting blade manufactured specifically for strong steel items, the circular saw is now ready to slice off.  Have a piece of plywood as backing for the steel plate and do not forget to mark the stainless steel where it should be cut.  Cut the metal slowly and keep the blade in moving through the marked line.  Even out the edge and remove metal slivers with a grinder or file.

    Another small handheld tool to cut stainless steel plates is the cut off saw particularly the pneumatic type, as this one has added power from the air pressure.  Do take caution and put on a full-face shield when using the cut off saw as metal pieces can fly in different directions.  Work slowly on the stainless steel plate where you marked it without stopping.  You can smooth off the edge with a grinder.

    Laser cutters are popular for thicker stainless steel plates.  There is a lot of information about them on the Internet.  Osaka University did a good study of the quality of these later cutters that you can find in that link.

    The best tool in cutting stainless steel plate is the plasma cutter.  This tool uses a powerful beam of energy to penetrate through the thick stainless steel without any concern.  Place the plate on a cutting surface then fasten the negative cable on the portion where you will work on.  Position the end of the torch about 3 inches from the stainless plate surface and turn on the cutter.  The energy beam will burn throughout the steel it gets contact with and cut down the marked line.  Have a steady hand to maintain a straight line and you will get a smoother edge than the previous two tools.

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    Steel is a widely used material today and thanks to technology, there are plenty of steel surface finishes that can be done. Steel can have several metal coatings and polymer coatings making it a great choice for packaging things. Today, steel is used to package food, drinks and aerosols. Also, steel can be used for promotional and specialty packaging too.

    steel packaging 300x176 What Are the Different Types of Packaging Steel?

    What are the different types of packaging steel you can buy? The first is called ET or electrolytic tinplate. This is a low carbon steel that is coated on both sides. Tinplate is used for packaging all types of cans like Draw Redraw cans (DRD) and Drawn and Wall Ironed (DWI). Tinplate is suitable for packaging cans across different market segments.

    The second is called tin free steel or TFS. It can be referred to as Electrolytic Chromium/ Chromium Oxide Coated Steel or ECCS. This tin free steel is often used in the production or DRD two-piece cans, and seamed cans. Further, tin free steel is also used in ends, lids, twist-off caps, aerosol tops and bottoms and crown corks.

    The third type is called full hard and black plate. The black plate is annealed while the full hard steel is not. This type of steel can be used for packaging applications like oil filters and battery cases but can also be used in non-packaging applications.

    The last is called Protact polymer-coated steel. This is a tin-based steel that has the characteristics of steel and plastic together. Protact is great for packaging purposes because it is versatile and attractive. Protact is used in domes, cones, cans, rings for peelable ends and easy open ends. This is commonly seen in packaging for fish, beverage, paint and mousse.

    When it comes to choosing your steel packaging, always look for a quality supplier. Bear in mind that packaging is very important in marketing a product. Above all else, the steel package should be safe for use too.


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    Even with the rising of the economic situation in Japan, there are industries that are not following suit.  As the country supplies to many manufacturers locally and globally, the demand for certain materials can be affected with the condition of the global economy.  One of these materials that are expected to have lesser demand in the last three months of the year is that of crude steel.  Japan, the second largest producer of this material sees the supply at 26.54 million tonnes.  This is 3.6 percent lower comparing to the previous quarter of the same year. While some leading Japanese stainless steel providers managed to keep their business grow, the industry itself sees not so happy picture.

    crude steel 300x225 Japan Steel Demand Decreased

    Many factors have contributed to this decrease in crude steel both from within and outside the country.  On the local scene, one of the reasons for this is that the government subsidy for the car production has ended according to a trade ministry.  Another is that the reconstruction of the devastated area hit by the massive earthquake last year remains to be seen.  In the global scene, the risk factors include uncertainty of production in China, supply glut in the Asian market and global economic slowdown.  Within the country, the earthquake last year greatly affected the local economy while the economic crisis of powerful countries paved for lesser need of the carbon steel.

    But a director in the Ministry of Economy and Trade and Industry, Ryuicihi Yamashita told reporters that they are not concerned much of the carbon steel demand decline.  There is steel a steady demand for the material from the engineering, construction and some manufacturing sectors.  In fact, the last quarter expects to have an increase of 9.4 percent compared to the same quarter last year.  This is mostly because of the severe flooding in Thailand that caused the sharp curtailing of the Japanese steel exports.  However, the figure is still 7.2 percent lower than the previous quarter specifically July to September of this year.

    All in all, the carbon steel industry understands the economic market situation that declined the demand for the raw material.  However, as development and maintenance continues, the use of these materials is still essential.  Carbon steel industries in Japan look forward to better sales.


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    Business conferences and meetings are important components of business operations since these are the events where businesses owners, employees, clients, and consumers get to interact depending on the type of business event being held. Whatever type of business event you want to conduct for your business, using the right conference room New York is very essential not only for the purpose of providing a comfortable room for your guests. A good conference is also important in terms making the whole event less boring and more interesting for everyone.

    Conducting a simple meeting in your office may work but it can only accommodate probably a small number of people only. If you need to set up a larger area in the office, you will need to spend time and money on organizing and arranging things, and additional expenses on equipments needed for the conference. This will be costly option especially for a small business. This is why renting a conference room New York with complete facilities and services is a better option than interrupting the work of the employees just to be able to allocate a space for the conference.

    Allocating a large space from the business space for a conference room New York may also be a good option but if the space will not be used often, the business will only waste money on a facility that is hardly used. Aside from the waste of space, the equipments you will buy for the conference room like projectors, audio equipments, and air conditioning will also require maintenance thus increasing business cost.

    If you want to avoid spending too much for a business conference, your next best option would be to rent a conference room New York. There are a lot of companies that offer meeting and conference rooms for rent in New York so finding a space that matches your needs and budget is definitely not difficult.

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    Renting a conference room New York is a very good decision if you want to provide the most complete and comfortable space for your guests, clients and employees. Be it a small board meeting, a convention for your employees, or a very large conference for business clients and investors, renting a conference room is a great option since you will be able to select the right size that will fit your business needs. You can also choose from different amenities and services to make the whole experience convenient and interesting for everyone.

    Choosing the right size of the conference room New York is very important since aside from properly accommodating the number of guests that will be attending the conference, determining the right size for your conference room will also help you set and prepare a proper budget for the whole event. One of the main things to consider when choosing a conference room New York to rent is the expected number of guests. Giving some allowance is also very important for unexpected guests.
    If you are expecting around 10 to 20 guests, a classroom or small boardroom type of conference room will be appropriate. These kinds of rooms are also equipped with equipments needed for the conference like whiteboards, lighting controls, power sockets, WiFi connection, tables, and extra chairs if needed. For 20 to 30 guests, you can choose a larger boardroom or a presentation room. These types of conference rooms usually have U-shaped tables and specially arranged chairs for business presentations and meetings.

    For a very large group especially if you are conducting seminars with around 50 or more people, the best option is the theater style conference room New York. Some hotels offer these kinds of conference rooms and may even come with food catering services and overnight accommodations especially for 2 to 3-day conferences and business events.

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    Have you heard of Japanese marine natural products? Japan is truly a genius when it comes to new discoveries and these marine natural products are no exception. We all know that natural products are great for the human health, which is why people start to turn to natural medicine and supplement to make their bodies stronger. In http://www.marine-bio.co.jp/en/, it showcases different marine products that will be beneficial to the health of people. Listed below are some of the products found in Marine Bio and their benefits:

    6880232266 c608722e02 Japanese Natural Products Support Your Health


    The marine natural products are mostly from sea corals. Why is this so? Sea corals have high level of calcium and studies show that the body absorbs calcium from coral more efficiently compared to other calcium supplements. The reason is that coral calcium is naturally porous. It is less dense which enables the ease in absorption in a person’s bloodstream. The stomach handles coral calcium easier. With porous coral calcium, there is more calcium to be absorbed by the cells. In addition, it has high bioavailability. This means that the body absorbs and keeps calcium in the body more than the calcium that leaves the body.

    One of the products is called Coral Calcium Power. This is calcium found in natural coral grains and are harvested from the Okinawa ocean. This coral calcium powder or coral sand comes from coral shells and skeletons as well as the Foraminifera that inhibit the ocean. Shells and skeletons ingest calcium and magnesium from the ocean in order to be formed. It constitutes 95% of calcium carbonate and contains different minerals that the human body needs every day. The Coral Calcium Powder promotes good health and you can take it alongside other supplements. Another thing you can do with coral grains is to make coral water. The coral grains are inside a small bag and you can dip the small bag into the water to cleanse the water of impurities.

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    The initial step before any other step is the preparation of a bucket or most preferably a pot with adequate hot water. The product is expected to work more effectively under the condition of frequent warm up. This means that you will have to dip the main body of the product into the hot water. Dipping it will ensure that the suggested body –skin temperature is achieved. Secondly, you will be required to place the placement board in the water tray. You have to ensure that the main body which is the bottom is on top.

    6885465212 3e1c0d5977 The Steps that are Involved Using the Japanese Ice Ban Maker and Ice Ball Machine

    ice soccer ball

    Thirdly, you are required to place the ice on the main body. This is according to the instructions and guides that are given. This will be followed by the installation of the top part of the body to the bottom part of the body using the placement rods. After conducting step three, you should be able to observe some transformations. The ice will naturally melt with the fall of the top main body and eventually the melted water will be collected in the water tray.

    Once the main bodies are connected to one another, the moldings of bodies follow. Gently remove the top body part after a few seconds and rotate the release lever by 90 degrees. You are allowed to remove the formed ice by hand once it lifts up. These set of instructions are simple the moment they are adhered to. You can also form a variety of other shapes of ice if you want. For instance you can form the shape of a soccer ball. The steps are maintained as nothing much is involved. In addition the number of degrees is also maintained. The only thing that changes is the shape of the newly formed ice.



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    stainless steel

    When it comes to the best stainless steel products, Japan is the best.  Japan stainless steel companies produce the highest quality stainless steel products. These companies make sure that products like the Inconel 601 round bar will serve its purpose and that is to resist corrosion. For those who need to order Inconel 601 round bar in bulks, the best way to do it is to order online. The transaction is easy and smooth. Japanese stainless steel companies prioritize customer service and they will surely deliver your goods on time.

    stainless steel 300x201 Stainless Steel products from Japan

    What do you need to know about stainless steel products? Stainless steel bars are non-corrosive or has excellent resistance to corrosion. Such products can withstand stains, rush and other types of metal damages. Because of this property, stainless steel is used in a wide variety of products today like furniture, kitchen utensils, garden equipment and many more. It is one material that has turned out to be a necessity in our daily lives.

    In Japan, stainless steel companies produce stainless steel alloys in bulks and they can be made in custom lengths depending on what you need. Stainless steel can be made in different shapes and sizes. Aside from the uses mentioned above, stainless steel is also used in road signage, telephone booths, bus shelters, escalators, lifts, street furniture, automotive components, fuel tankers, subway trains, and stations structures. Moreover, stainless steel can be finished with different quality and texture including coarse, matte, mirrored and brushed.

    Stainless steel has high chromium content, which is responsible for resisting corrosion, rust and stain. It is known as Corrosion-Resistant Steel (CRES). There is at least 10% chromium content used along with other type of alloy metals to create stainless steel. If you want to make sure that you are buying only the best stainless steel products, head on over to Japanese stainless steel manufacturer websites and you will not be disappointed.

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    An ice ball, as the name suggests, is a ball made of ice. This is the circular version of an ice cube. The ice ball could be circular, it could be shaped like a soccer ball, it could have a smooth, or a rough surface and it could even feature logos or scripts. So, how do you go about making the perfect ice balls using your ice ball mold?

    7031914237 a45f597055 m Tips on Making an Ice Ball using an Ice Mold

    You should follow a step-by-step guide if you want the perfect ice balls. The average guide starts with preparing a bucket of hot water and ends with the rotation of the release lever 90 degrees. Follow the instructions given to the latter for the perfect ice balls.

    You need a good ice ball machine/mold if you want good ice balls. You could get a good ice ball machine from Taisin. This is the patent holder of the ice ball machine. The company set up shop in 1965 and it has sold about 5000 ice ball machines to date.

    You could get tips from different online resources, including Taisin’s website. The instructions in Taisin’s website are in video form.

    You could read customer testimonials on Taisin’s website for tips on how different customers used the ice ball machine. Customer testimonials and independent reviews in review sites and magazines give you a more personal approach on the making of an ice ball.

    You could become an apprentice of a barman for tips on how to make the perfect ice ball. A good bartender will have made many ice balls and will have learnt from his/her mistakes and successes. Becoming an apprentice enables you to practice without having to invest in a machine. Using an ice ball machine is not rocket science and you could learn to use it, albeit with a few hiccups, in a few hours.

    reference: http://www.taisin-ss.co.jp/icemold/english/


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